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We will walk through the 6 Growth Levers of the Bottleneck Breakthrough Method to make your Strategy Session as impactful as possible.

Who is your target market?

Feel free to define each segment if you serve multiple client types.
What is your offer to your target market?
(aka Big Idea)

Ex: We help companies stuck at a revenue plateau find the bottleneck causing it, and then work with them to fix it to unlock sustainable growth.
What makes your solution unique?

Why do prospects choose you instead of other alternatives?
What's your website URL?

Do you have testimonials, case studies, endorsements, or other client proof?

Explain the types of client proof you have:

This can include details about their format (such as video, whitepapers, etc), and how many of each you have.
Do you have a guarantee or other risk reversal mechanism?

Explain how your guarantee or risk reversal works:

Feel free to link to it on your website here if it's clearly described
Let's dig into your Marketing & Sales now...

How do you generate leads?

How reliable and consistent is the flow of leads?

Or look at how consistent proposals are being delivered

How happy are you with the flow of leads?

Do you have a lead qualification process?

Describe the qualification process:

Ex: Prospects are charged a $500 deposit to get a proposal
Do you know your close rate on qualified leads?

Or just include the total close rate on all leads if that's easier
What is the close rate?

Feel free to define by market segment if you have that level of detail
How happy are you with this close rate?

Now comes the Management lever. Don't gloss over now...

List your departments and the number of staff in each:

If it's not formalized, keep it simple with something along the lines of "Shipping & Fulfillment = 4, Support & Office Staff = 3, etc"
Does each employee have a supervisor or manager that equips them, provides direction, and keeps them accountable for their performance?

Does each employee know what their responsibilities and expected results are?

Have you ever had your staff take a personality assessment (psychometrics)?

Which personality test(s) have you had them take, and when were they completed?

Who is underperforming on your team over the past quarter?

How does this make you feel?

Congrats! You made it through Management.
Now to its boring cousin, Systems...

How well are each of these activities running?

Finding clients:

This is everything related to generating qualified leads

Getting clients:

This is everything related to closing leads

Serving clients:

How solid is your quality delivery, volume of change orders, refunds, client complaints, etc.

Getting paid:

How well are you collecting revenue from clients?

For those areas not running flawlessly, do you have any checklists or training for the staff responsible for them?

For those you do have checklists and/or training, explain what exactly they are and where they are located

Have you invested in any of these software solutions?

Don't count the free trials that you signed up for, but never did anything with

Which of the systems you just selected are actually used?

List who is in charge of each one if you know it off hand
Which reports do you review regularly?

At least monthly to qualify

Is there a report you want, but haven't been able to generate?

What report is that?

The boring stuff is over!
Let's dig into your Vision for the company...

What's your goal for this year?

What's your ultimate goal for this company?

What do you want to do after you sell it?

What do you want to do after you turn it into a Cash Cow?

One Growth Lever left...

What were the most impactful books you've read in the past year or two?

Bonus points if you list the nuggets you got from each
Who do you go to for advice about challenges running your company?

It's okay to list your spouse. They're usually pretty smart.
What's been the biggest factors to your company's success so far?

What do you think has held the company back from achieving more?

I know that's what you are hoping this diagnostic points out, but still share what comes to mind here
What revenue ceiling do you keep running into?

How many years have you been running into this revenue ceiling?

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